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Want to read glue gun on your digital device? We have you covered!


Featuring over 30 talented artists nationwide, including aerosol artist Cyfi Rock, poet Cal Freeman, photographer Cybelle Codish, poet and critic Peter Kline, fiction writer Dan Stuart, and the incredible talents of Billy Sedlmayr, James Diaz, Nora Spiering, Steve Davis, Tom Reardon, Kelly Fordon, Danny Bland, Jazzy Byner, Sarah Ledbetter, Mac Kinnon, Sarah Hamilton, Mike Olivares, Jeff Ward, Molly Kiely, Curtis Endicott, Brian Smith, Maggie Rawling Smith and many more.


Glue Gun is a twice yearly magazine of art, comics, photos, poetry, fiction, non-fiction and monomania. Edited by R&R Press, all proceeds go toward publishing our books.



glue gun issue 1 - digital


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