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Glue gun issue 4 is here. Finally. The new glossy boasts a coming-of-age theme from a diverse class of writers, artists and photographers, including a cover-story book excerpt (and Q&A) from Maggie Rawling Smith’s heart-bending YA novel Catamopus, out next year on R&R Press. The cover features the lovely work of the world-renowned artist Cyfi. A flowering Final Word and symbiotic collage by Teré Fowler-Chapman closes out. In-between, rock & roll frontman Eddie Baranek pens an ode to mowing Detroit lawns for living while enjoying international rock-star fame. One of the country’s preeminent music journalists, Fred Mills, authors a moving homage to fatherhood. Internationally loved poet Brittany Perham takes us beneath surfaces, author Nicca Ray offers some gritty Hollywood street words, and writer-songster Cait Brennan untangles some teenage confusion. Also, lots of new work by emerging and established creators, including Jay Rochlin, Mike Sendrow, Kelly Fordon, James Diaz, Jacob from the Cigar Shop, Linda Suzu Kawano, Jeff Gardner, Barry Smith, Constantine Ballard, Tashi Saheb-Ettaba, Brandi Cole, Ember Gulden, Curtis Endicott, Jon Endicott and many worthy others.   


glue gun issue 4 - digital

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